Ripple was a site specific work produced in collaboration with Rochester Dance Theatre and Tom Motagliano, an experimental 3D sound artist. 

The production was set inside a custom-made rig of programmable LED lights that Tom developed to work in tandem with his 8-speaker soundscapes.  This was first pioneered in his breakout production of The Immersive Igloo, which used a giant inflatable igloo to house the lights and speakers to create a unique immersive experience.   There were two main productions of Ripple, once as an independent production to test the concept and again with revamped choreography and lighting as part of the Rochester Fringe Festival in 2019.  

From the press release:
Ripple; A mind bending light, sound, and dance experience.

RIPPLE is an exploration into the expressive and innovative combination of art and technology that merges the movement of sound and light with the movement of bodies.

For this performance, there will be 8 speakers positioned in a circle to produce a 3D soundscape. The audience will sit within the circle, 48 tall tubes of light will stand between each seat to flow and emote with the music and dance. The performers and the technology blend to create a seamless spectacle.

VIDEOGRAPHY by Avi Pryntz-Nadworny
SOUND AND LIGHTS by Tom Montagliano
CHOREOGRAPHED and PERFORMED by Stephanie Kovac, Jonathan Lowery, Rork Maiellano, Elyssia Primus, Joanna Rodriguez, Erika Ruegemer, Mariko Yamada