About Jonathan

Jonathan Lowery is a classically trained actor, mime, director, and movement specialist living in Rochester, NY.   His wide background of training and influences create a unique blend of classical and modern styles, generating a singular creative outlook.  Jonathan is known for his ability to balance a highly skilled movement performance with an emotive and clear delivery of text.

While performance is his forte, Jonathan is also an accomplished teacher and collaborator, often providing a bridge between the artistic divides of theatre and dance.  With over 13 years spent as a touring teaching artist and athletic coach,  Jonathan has taught ages from as young as 3 years old to the young-at-heart.  He always seeks the best way for a student to engage and understand the material.

As a collaborator, Jonathan is well known for his ability to bring fresh perspectives to projects as well as provide a safe and creative environment for creativity.  He is most at home in the small ensemble where work grows through an organic process

Jonathan’s career has spanned the globe over the years.  His original classical and mime training was under Dr. Lou Campbell at Belhaven University in Jonathan’s hometown of Jackson, MS.  There he studied with such masters as Avner Eisenberg, James Donlon, and Daniel Stein.  From there, Jonathan briefly spent time collaborating with college classmates Chad Miller and Guinn Terry Davis on the theatrical production company Gratuitous B Productions.  Realizing he wanted more experience performing, Jonathan soon left Gratuitous B to join PUSH Physical Theatre in Rochester, NY where he spent 10 years touring and teaching nationally and internationally with the troupe.  Jonathan left PUSH in 2018 to pursue a freelance career that aims to more completely merge his movement and theatrical backgrounds into a cohesive whole.