Call Time - Alice in Wonderland

Call Time was the result of the 2020 pandemic shutdowns driving theatre companies to explore new grounds as in-person performances disappeared in Spring 2020.  I was asked to be a part of the creative team that researched, developed, and implemented one of the first virtual stages where artists shared the same visual world rather than individual boxes.

I am extremely proud of the work we did trailblazing this art form.  Not only did I get to perform in a brand new way, but we constantly developed the technology far past what we thought would be achievable.  My all time favorite chapter was the Mad Tea Party when the characters went a little crazy passing matching props back and forth across screens and dodging tea poured in a straight line down the center of the screen.   

I won’t miss the circumstances that brought us to this production, but I will always love being a part of this rather magical experience.

Chapters with my performances

From the press release:
Wallbyrd Presents: Call-Time, a digital adventure into classical storytelling. Call-Time is a workshop series inviting viewers to explore the possibilities of live theatre on a virtual stage. With talented performers spread far and wide, our goal is to unite artists with audiences and find how we can come together. Set to premiere Sunday April 5th, check back with us on Wednesday to find out where our journey will begin!