Current Events

Skill Sprints

The YouTube version of that class you’ve always wanted to take, but just didn’t have the time to take.  Focused on 10-15 minute tutorials and overviews, Skill Sprints are meant to get you from nothing to something.  What you do after that is up to you.  Best of all, they’re all free and produced for internet-friendly viewing!
You can find all of the current videos on my YouTube channel.

Pandemic Instructing at Rochester Parkour

I’m back as a parkour instructor at New York’s oldest dedicated parkour gym.  The pandemic has hit us hard, and I’m only back for sure until the end of the summer.   It’s a wild ride for the fitness industry, especially as COVID rules mean we can’t spot students or physically cue movements.  If you have not had to teach in the pandemic environment, just trust me when I tell you it’s an intense experience.  All of the stresses instructors feel normally to provide a great experience for clients along with the responsibility of keeping everyone safe despite themselves in an environment meant to be creative and freeform.  It’s worth the difficulty to be there for this place.  They are some of the best teachers and co-workers I’ve known and have bent over backward to make sure this unique place survives the pandemic culling.

If you are in the Rochester, NY area and want to check the place out, you need to register for free on their website to reserve a spot in one of the classes.